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"My Bobblehead is AMAZING!!! The likeness is unbelievably accurate. More impressive in person than your pictures depicted it!!! I am MORE than satisfied!!! I will be recommending you to everyone I run into!!! Candy, your customer service is better than I have EVER received..."


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Why Choose Us

RockBobble is simply different from other providers because we sculpt with the finished product! Most bobblehead providers use poly resin clay and then they bake and mold the dolls - apply paint and the doll is yours...RockBobble uses Polymer Clay - the color is the clay so the final product is actually brighter, true 3D likeness and higher quality.

We utilize the artistic skill from many sculptors to create the most realistic heads, bodies and optional features our clients ask for. The skill levels of our sculptors are graded and within internal tests our artists advance to different levels of sculpting - this offers the highest degree of skill for the job at hand. Keep in mind, of the many sculptors available, RockBobble only selects a few which meet our exacting requirements.

When you order from RockBobble, your doll is sculpted by one of the "Pablo Picasso" of bobblehead-making.

You will be amazed at how much detail we can offer on your bobblehead doll.

As any organization with great skills, we are equally proud of our dedicated staff. They believe that if our clients are happy and love the work we provide, they will give us the recommendations to the other loved ones and friends they know. This is why we go the extra mile to meet all your needs, making sure you are within the design of the bobblehead loop and that every detail is captured.

come, give us a try - it's time to have created a RockBobble doll - Simply the best in bobbleheads.

Some other sites boost on using computers to capture the look of you or your loved ones or even delivering dolls the same day - buyer beware. The difference is we use highly skilled artists to capture the look. A real hands on personal touch that simply a computer can not capture. Our work is considered a work of art - like the Mona Lisa. If this work of art was drawn with a computer, it would be a graphic - not a work of art.

Our bobbles offer great pride from our team of artisans - we simply are the best because our clients let us know it.