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"Rock Bobble is great! I've ordered bobbleheads as gifts four times in the last couple of years and people love them. The customer service is great and the communication on every step is wonderful. This is the place to go for bobbleheads - and the shipping is incredibly fast..."


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Customer Testimonials

    "I got the bobble head and it was the best gift by brother ever got. I gave it to him at a family reunion and everyone just loved it it is perfect. Thank you! Of course alot of people ask me for your web site so they can order bobble heads."

    By Wanda, from U.S

    "These are incredible and so beautiful! I can't wait to receive them! Thank you for taking the time to ensure that we were completely satisfied with the final product. Your customer service has been incredible and is so appreciated. We will recommend you to everyone and if we need any gifts in the future we will gladly order from you!!Thank you so much!"

    By Sarah Cooley and Curtis Zurba, from C.A

    "Aww after all you have been great and maintained a positive attitude! I will definitely come back as a returning customer and I will recommend friends and family in the future. Im sure once friends and family look at our bobble heads they will want to know where I got them J I will mention you and your company."

    By Blanca Gonzalez, from U.S

    "I want to thank you for the bobbleheads. They look great and ordering from rock bobblehead was fantastic. The communication was excellent, the shipping was extremely fast and I have had an all around great experience. I will order more and I will recommend to others. Thank you!"

    By Mike Handa, from U.S

    "We got our Bobbleheads and they are Unbelievable!!! Thank you thank you thank you! Please thank the artists and I would like to thank you personally. They are amazing. Better than we could have ever expected."

    By Jill, from C.A

    "It is perfect, perfect. Please complete and send. You guys are awesome and I am already telling my friends all about you, and some want to order Christmas presents through you. Thank you so much for the rush and the wonderful job!! "

    By Susan Schilling, from U.S

    I just got him this morning as you said and he is awesome!
    My husband will be thrilled at his gift.
    Thank you and your team very much."

    By Emily Kwok, from U.S

    "got 'em - they look incredible!!!"

    By Michelle Skipper, from U.S

    "We received the bobblehead last night and it looks spetacular!
    Thank you so much for all of your help and we look forward to ordering some more bobbleheads in the future!"

    By Kim Clayton, from Australia

    "It looks great! Approved! We're anxiously awaiting her arrival! Thank you!!!"

    By Tracy Wyant,, from U.S

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