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"Rock Bobble is great! I've ordered bobbleheads as gifts four times in the last couple of years and people love them. The customer service is great and the communication on every step is wonderful. This is the place to go for bobbleheads - and the shipping is incredibly fast..."


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Customer Testimonials

    "We loved our bobbleheads! They looked just like my daughter and her boyfriend. My daughter posted a picture of them on Facebook and Facebook's face recognition recognized them and wanted to tag them. You guys were great to work with. I will be ordering more soon. Thank you!!"

    By Sharon Beck, from United States

    "Sorry it took me so long to say thank you for your bubble head. You did an amazing job. He absolutely loved it and I did too. It looks exactly like him. It's sooooo funny and the best gift ever. Everybody loved it. You'll be hearing from me again :)"

    By Inna Chernova, from United States

    "Unreal how good you guys are! Thanks for being so patient making all the updates! I want another one now ;)"

    By Krista Knaus, from United States

    "YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!! My Cake topper Bobblehead was the biggest hit on my 40th BDAY! Now we are making another for my Sonís 19th...canít wait to see it!"

    By Krista Knaus, from United States

    "Dear Candy- Just wanted to let you know the Bobble head you made for my son's 21st birthday was a hit!
    Everyone LOVED it. You need to enclose a bunch of business cards with your orders because everyone wanted to know where they could get one. Thank you so much and especially for being so patient with me.

    You are the best!"

    By claudia williams, from United States

    "Hi Candy! I hope you're still checking this site. I just got my bobblehead today and it is absolutely awesome!!!!! It came really fast (thank you) and the detail is even better in person. I love it! And I know my husband will too. His birthday is not until August 22 so I'm going to try my best not to give it to him early. Sincere thanks to you and the crew at Rockbobblehead!!!!!!!!!"

    By Nancy Buchanan, from United States

    "Thank you Candy and all of you at Rock Bobble for making my son's 40th birthday a big hit. I drove these guys crazy but they kept on coming back with another proof after another just to get it right for me. They did it on such time constraints and even refunded me 20% off my order. I would never go anywhere else. These guys are definitely the best out there. And talk about getting it to me in just the nick of time, they were unbelievable. As you can tell I can't say enough good things about them. The doll looks so amazingly like my son. Thank you again for all your help and for putting up with me. I'll be back again and again. Your customer service is exceptional."

    By Deb Curtis, from United States

    "I received my bobble head today and it is PERFECT! It looks exactly like my boyfriend, down to every little detail. I'm so excited to see his face on his birthday. The customer service was great and I got quick responses and proofs. Everyone was so friendly, and it was just a great experience. Rock on Rock Bobble Head!"

    By Alexandra Doyle, from United States

    "I just had some made for my wedding party!! They are amazing!!! I can't wait to see their faces. Loved watching the creation. Would strongly recommend to others."

    By Brad Manning, from Canada

    "Candy assisted me thru the making of 3 bobbleheads. Her customer skills are outstanding and the bobbleheads looked just like the subjects the dolls were for. The service was amazing. Prior to using this company I dealt with a company that drove me NUTS. After 4 mos of back and forth e-mails, the doll still was not right and I approved just to stop dealing with that company. NEVER AGAIN. I recommend RockBobble to everyone and tell them to try and get CANDY. She is the best."

    By gail kregloe, from United States

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